“I’m experienced at implementing innovative, people centric solutions that bring value to people’s lives while positively impacting the community.”

Economic Development

I believe in working together to make Cincinnati a vibrant community that continues to attract businesses who will support our workers with living wages, and equitable working conditions. I want to continue to better define a living wage by working with the Women’s Fund and other local organizations focusing on advancing those in our community who have been underrepresented for so long.

A city that invests in small business, including those led by Black and Brown people and women, creates a more vibrant economy. I want to create a microgrant program to invest in new small businesses that otherwise would not be able to advance.


Racial Equity

We have to hold ourselves accountable to address the systemic issues caused by systemic racism. I will work to support the continuation of the Collaborative Agreement. In addition, reimagining how police officers engage in communities is key. Focused Deterrence is a technique we should explore to reduce violent crime and keep neighborhoods safe. A more comprehensive community oriented approach will be one step in helping to reduce racial disparities.

Best In Class

Cincinnati deserves to be the best place in the world for families and children to thrive. Making investments in early childhood education, streets free from gun violence, community oriented policing, and arts and culture will create a more robust and healthier community. In addition, I want to combine our efforts with Parks and Recreation to make all neighborhoods in Cincinnati safe places for our youth to live and play.


It is imperative that we quickly solve our housing deficit. Providing housing that is affordable to all members of this community is imperative. I will prioritize things like home ownership and renters equity programs, and require Community Benefit Agreements in all new developments to ensure the needs of our neighborhoods are properly and equitably met.