Meet Meeka Owens

After her work in 2016 as an organizer, Meeka walked away with a few takeaways; Meeka believes we need to engage in communities more authentically, particularly black and brown communities. The question is, “How do we engage with communities authentically and civically?” That has been her inspiration for inviting people into democracy. For Meeka, “That has been the impetus of seeing myself in democracy.”

In her role as a community activist, Meeka has served as an Executive Board Member, Fundraiser, Steering Committee Member, and Mentor for great local organizations like Women Helping Women, MUSE Women’s Choir, Make-A-Wish, UMADAOP, and Dress for Success.

As a Trainer, Facilitator and Consultant, Meeka has designed and delivered learning topics to professional, community and High School groups centered on Professional Image and Development, Workplace Safety, Self Esteem and Empowerment. She has worked with organizations such as City Gospel Mission; Having The Courage To Change program, The Urban League of Greater Cincinnati, Freestore FoodBank, and Cincinnati Public School; Western Hills High School AWAKE program.

Politically, Meeka has worked on local and national campaigns to elect top progressive candidates. During the 2016 Presidential cycle, as an organizer Meeka was very active in registering hundreds of voters in the Cincinnati area.

In 2013 Meeka was nominated as a member of the YWCA “Rising Star Leadership Academy” and served on the Rising Star Advisory Committee.